How to Identify Original Virgin Brazilian Hair


brazillian introVirgin Brazilian Hair is the hair that is not subjected to any kind of treatment or processing, it is natural and last for ages as long as you maintain it with care. Virgin Brazilian hair gives you that unique and prestigious look that makes you an object of envy amongst women. Also it helps you achieve more styling options. You can’t be too certain of the originality of any hair you buy from beauty stores unless you are quick enough to note the disparities no matter how insignificant it may appear. The following are things to take into consideration so as to note the differences between original and fake Virgin Brazilian hair:




  1. Texture

Original Virgin Brazilian hair should have a yaki-like feel which is rather coarse to the touch. Fake Brazilian hair has a coated feeling when you run your fingers through it because it is often coated with chemical to appear real.


  1. Color

colourThe color of original virgin Brazilian hair ranges from brown, medium brown to natural black. An important aspect to note is the color of the entire bunch may not be uniform; grey hair may also be present, this is because the lighter and darker shade of the primary color would be present.


  1. Wet test

An original virgin Brazilian hair would still retain its weight, natural curl and wave pattern even when wet. Fake Brazilian hair gets very heavy and loses its pattern when wet with water.


  1. Cuticle direction

cuti dirThe cuticle direction of original virgin Brazilian hair flows in the same direction. Since the cuticle faces the same direction, it reduces the chances of tangling. This is not so with fake Brazilian hair. If you notice the cuticles facing different directions its likely to tangle a lot, refrain from buying it. Also, fake Brazilian hair has dry ends which cause it to tangle.








  1. Flame test

This is another important test used to check the originality of virgin flame testBrazilian hair. Cut a few strands from the hair and place it under the flame from a lighter or candle, original virgin hair would produce smoke, it burns quickly, smells stink and balls up into ash; this ash scatters when you rub it with the tip of your fingers thereby leaving the remaining ends still intact.

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