Court Sheriffs Storm P-Square’s Home to Seize Property Following Court Order


P squareLagos High Court Sheriffs have stormed the Omole residence of P-square in Lagos to seize property following a judgment ruled by the court against them. This incident occurred at about 5.30 in the morning.

The security men at P-Square’s home initially refused the Court Sheriffs entry on the grounds that the brothers weren’t at home. This piece of information didn’t deter the sheriffs as they forcefully made their way into the premises, injuring one of the security guard in the process.

A close source revealed that the court passed this judgment following a case filed by the organizer of a show the brothers were supposed to perform in about 8 years ago. The show was in Benin, Edo State of Nigeria and P-square were suppose to perform after they were paid N1million naira, the brothers arrived at Benin for the show only to be informed that the show had been postponed till the next day. The twin brothers refused to stay till the next day, they returned back to Lagos. The organizer of the show demanded for his money back. When the organizer was certain that the brothers won’t refund the money, he filed a case in court against them.

The source revealed that the case had been in court all this while. Judgment may have been passed in absentia against the brothers since there was no lawyer to represent them in court, this prompted the court sheriffs to storm their home today.

The court sheriffs tried to tow a car after showing the papers they came with from the court, but they were not allowed to take any property with them.

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