Man Sold His Possession To Raise Money For His Wife’s Cancer Surgery In France, Couple Were Among Victims Of EgyptAir flight MS804


000More than 66 people perished when EgyptAir flight MS804 crashed during a flight from Paris to Cairo.

Among the dead was a husband and wife who sold everything to pay for life saving cancer treatment and now leave behind their three young children as orphans.

According to the Egyptian newspaper Marawy, Ahmed Ashery, 31, sold his family’s flat and car to raise money for a cancer surgery in France his wife, Reham.

The couple left their young son and two daughters with his mother and spent a month in Paris, where Mrs Ashery had surgery and seemed on the path to a full recovery.

The couple boarded Flight 804 on Wednesday night to once again be reunited with their small children but the plane never made it back to Cairo.
According to a family friend named Mohamed al-Shenawi
“Ahmed sold everything to save his wife and ease her grief, I advised him to accept the command of God and look for treatment in Egypt but he insisted on travelling. They spent a month and then they returned onboard the plane which didn’t arrive and now will never arrive.”

“He travelled to Paris with his wife, leaving his three children with his mother. They spent a month and then they retured onboard the plane which didn’t arrive.” Ahmed added

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