Shock In Zambia As Victoria Falls Waters Forms Into A Man’s Face

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  1. thats God’s message and we need to understand whats the meaning of the message not just arguing that are hallucinations

  2. Adan says:

    Subhanallah that a miracle from Allah it might be sign of the day of judgment run to Muslim if you are nonbeliver

    • ferdinand. says:

      Comment: you are just another fool. who will run to Islam you terrorist? first tell your brothers from Somalia to stop killing our people in Kenya. I pitty your terrorust Allah. he is an evil being. nonsense.

      • Saj says:

        Dear Ferdinand,

        Please do not use hate speech against other religions and cure on God, as God is one although we have different names for Him. We are all created equally and no person is superior to the next , only in character. Before you put accusations against moselm’s please research on what the religion entails, it teaches peach, mutual respect and love amongst all creatures. Please stop the hate, it’s not making you a better person.

        Warm Regards,

    • B rigobert says:

      Agree it could be a sign. But why Muslim ? Are we not all children of God? Man must turn from their evil ways and repent.

  3. Kalipa says:

    Well controvecy means still needs to be proven…religiously…scientically….

  4. Brixy Bridget says:

    NO WORRIES AS LONG AS YOU HAVE CHRIST AS LORD AND SAVIOUR meaning even if he comes back today u r nt worried, bible says it willl be in just a twickle of an eye so it doesn’t matter how many faces are formed in the different falls

  5. clvie says:

    Modimo o fihlile yanong

  6. Godknows says:

    oh i dont even know what to say, its for God or for man. this world need people who knows how to praise so that God will reveal

  7. Carol says:

    Comment: awww sala sowu buya NKOS’UJESU……. In God i trust

  8. Onyx says:

    why should a man face showing in waters cause us to run to Muslim? MAY BE THE FACE WANT TO TELL MOSLIMS TO STOP THE TERRORIRISM ATTACKS AND KILLINGS.

  9. Comment: dadd G believes as the scriptures said. God said i will show wonders in heaven and on earth in my coming days.

  10. Melissa says:

    wow cool and pretty scary at the same time

  11. Melissa says:

    cool and scary at the same time!!!!

  12. Remmy Mwape says:

    Ifyalembwa Fyafikilishiwa,edga Lungu Refused To Desolve The Parliament Reason We Don’t Kno.For The First Time In Zambia.

  13. Remmy Mwape says:

    God Is Angry He Does’nt Want Edga Lungu To Be The President Again Bicoz He Is Bostfull And Greed.

  14. Remmy Mwape says:

    Edga Lungu did not desolve the parliament that’s another suprise,he is greed and that’s wy u see these things,he does not respect the rule of law. In zambia we don’t deserve a leader like him.yes,he is humble but very harmful to God is angry,wy in zambia?

  15. Zama says:

    There is a huge message behind this ,it’s just that we dont know how to interpret ,but I think elders of the world can tell us ,if it’s scientific or religiosity

  16. juven says:

    Comment:Iyooooh na yo… Re hwile mo haikhona.. Shaluta kera xhikwembu kgalemela tsohle

  17. Saj says:

    Dear Ferdinand and Onyx,

    Please do not use hate speech against other religions and curse God, God is One although we have different names for Him. Before you accuse moslems of being terrorist please look at what the religion teaches, it teaches peace, mutual respect and love for all creatures of God. We are all created equally and no one is superior to the next – only in character. Please stop the hate.

    Warm Regards,
    S. R

  18. Cphesihle says:

    Its same like Prophet MoonNyangayezulu Shembe frm South Africa dat imagine formed according to my opion bcz his pictures u will also see it Amen

  19. Bongani simelane says:

    This is Shembe

  20. Bongani simelane says:

    This is SHEMBE from Nazareth Babtist church in Africa, his name in African or Nguni language is (INKOSI INYANGA YEZULU) from 1910 until present. If you want to know more about Shembe you can google, you will see his face as appeared in the water falls he is the only one or the only messenger that has the strongest communication and connection with God, just to quote from the bible “

  21. vusi sibiya says:

    This isBut this face looks lyk PROPHET AK SHEMBE IN RSA DURBAN in iNanda. Google him you will find the answers

  22. vusi sibiya says:

    Prophet AK shembe(inyangayezulu) from south africa in the KwaZulu Natal province. He is the leader of nazareth baptist church EBUHLENI HOME in iNanda. If you want to know a lot about him go to GOOGLE.

  23. Sphamandla says:

    This is so amazing its INYANGAYEZULU( A HEALER FROM HEAVEN) SHEMBE. He is in South Africa.

  24. senzo mxolisi mvula says:

    that is Shembe face

  25. Mamello says:

    Message or not we shouldn’t assume that its either for Muslims or Shembe so people should just stop claiming. Rather say its Gods sign since I think we all pray and believe in him I doubt a man kind can have such massive powers to actually do that. Besides am sure scientists as always they have an explanation for this as for your claims are rather regarded as myths for now cause we all don’t know why that happened or what caused it. NOBODY SHOULD TAKE CREDITS FOR NATURAL STUFF MORE LIKE SHEMBE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR EARTHQUAKES THAT ARE HAPPENING AROUND THE WORLD MOS SO AM SURE HE IS NOT. NATURAL CAUSES RATHER STAY NARURAL CAUSES

  26. qwerty leendor says:

    Comment:That is indeed the image of the SOUTH AFRICAN prophet of NAZARETH BABTIST CHURCH who is known as SHEMBE INYANGA YEZULU he Is the successor of the church after the founder of the church known as J. GALILE SHEMBE

  27. LindelaniMntambo says:

    Our Shembe zonke izizwe zomubon, Google Inyanga yezulu

  28. Bonakele mngadi says:

    This is the face of the founder of NAZARETH BAPTIST CHURCH ISAH SHEMBE known as Umqali wendlele Khula bunazaretha izizwe zikubone

  29. T.I says:

    UYESAAAAABEEEEKA!!!…Khula Nkosi yaseEBhleni, Khula Shembe ongcwele

  30. siyanda says:


  31. nhlanhla says:

    Comment:wow I didn’t believe this people from zambia you are blessed see the truth god is the same skin as us they have always made us to believe otherwise. BUT I YOU ARE BLACK AND YOU BELIEVE THAT GOD I WHITE YOU ARE MENTALY DISTURBED Shembe is the way asambe siye ebuhleni

    • bro_sure says:

      if you are white and you believe that god is black you are mentally disturbed

      After all, who has God blessed?

      hakuna MUngu kama Mzungu, fuata nyayo kweli kweli

  32. NCEBO MTHETHWA says:

    This is profeth A.K Shembe most of people the world when time goes on will prais this guy as we are the members of Nazareth Barbtist Church, we prais him SHEMBE IS THE WAY

  33. sandeep says:

    The face clearly looks like Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi’s face.



    Because we have a history told of his coming before he was born on earth that it was God Himself coming to witness his work initiated by INKOSI I.SHEMBE.

  35. Biyela ukuphi umehluko bafo. Ngzocela ungadungi abantwana boNyazi. It not about what you thing, it about what people see mfethu esithombeni.

  36. Zondi says:

    Atleast it doesnt look like the white roman thug Jezues. Black man need to stop worshiping things they dont know n stick to Their Jewish nature.

  37. Yoshke says:

    The looks exact like India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Search him on google.

  38. John Ntuli says:

    We are all human beings and having one CREATOR (Umdali),lets not pull each other side to side.We all like kids,so why we wants to fight over Umdali wethu??Pray to know the truth that why are we living,what is the purpose of the Creator about Human beings??
    Do we need to fight each other as we do, or we all need to fight against Devel??CREATOR GAVE US THE BRAINS SO WE CAN WALK GUIDED BY OUR BRAINS..

    There is a big War in HEAVEN we may not let our King down as he has Faith on us.

    Be careful of what you saying with your mouth,it can sometimes destroy the Nation..We have to be strong on this war because wants you pass away you will never be able to fight anymore..

  39. st. kabs says:

    i really dont think that is Zambia….i hav been to victoria fall twice and i hav never seen that point where they r viewing the falls from…

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