Meet Man Who Vows Never To Leave His Highly Flirtatious Wife (Photo)

Lesenyeho Letshoara

A 65-year-old man, Lesenyeho Letshoara has made a shocking revelation; he allows his wife to have affairs with other men every weekend for money. The man who has been married to the woman for 30 years has tolerated embarrassment and ridicule throughout the marriage, but has surprisingly vowed not to quit.

According to Daily Sun ZA, Lesenyeho from L Section, Botshabelo in Free State says he will never leave his 60-year-old wife, Matumelo Letshoara.

“I am a man with feelings. I have done everything I could to stop her from running around,” he said.

He said it hurts real bad to see her packing her bag, but there is nothing he can do about it. Every weekend, the wife packs her bag to go to the house of one of her boyfriends.

“Even though she beats me and cheats on me, I will not leave her. We made holy marriage vows,” the husband said.

Narrating how it all began, Lesenyeho said his trouble started many years ago when his wife’s boyfriend stabbed him because he told her to desist from her flirtatious lifestyle. But, because of his love he kept on forgiving her and never filed a case.

“I forgave her and she promised she would stop her bad behaviour, but the situation is getting worse,” he said.

“I think my love for her has never been enough.”

Lesenyeho alleges his wife does not look after the family.

Matumelo does not have time to look after me and our two grandchildren,” he said.

The grandchildren are aged 10 and 14.

“When I try to talk some sense into her she loses control and starts swearing at me, calling me names,” he claimed.

“She said I do not know how to do a good job in bed.”

The man has asked people to pray for him as he wants his wife to change her bad ways.

“I do not always go to church, but I believe a strong prayer is the only way to save my family,” said Lesenyeho.

Conversely, the man’s wife, Matumelo confessed that she cheats on her husband and that she is “another man’s weekend special,” but she refrain from adding anything else.

“Ask the madala. He knows the reason for all our problems. I am not willing to discuss this matter with you,” Matumelo told Daily Sun ZA.

Pastor Motseki Ramodula of Mission of Faith from Section W, Botshabelo said the family needs to get thorough counseling.

“The devil is tearing the family apart, but the madala is strong and the devil is not winning the battle,” he said.


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