Four Simple Ways To Curl Your Natural Hair


curl2Check out four fast and easy steps to twist your natural hair, giving you a completely new look for the weekend. This method is quick and can come in handy if you can’t book an appointment with your stylist and at the same time you have an important date you ought to keep.

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Step1. Twist your natural hair (the thicker the strand, the loser the curl) until then you can see the twisting at the roots. Wrap the strand around (on your scalp) into a little circle, and pin it down 2 bobby pins, criss-crossing each other. And repeat for all your hair.

 Step2. After the little spiral buns, remove pins and let loose the spiral twirl

Step3. Use your finger to gently separate waves, but do not brush out.

Step4. Remember your hair turns out curlier if the twisted spiral buns are smaller.




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