Strictly For Ladies: Scientist Have Found a New Way to Tighten Ladies V*ginas, Without Surgery

Dr Sandy Fieldhouse

Most women would recoil at the thought of zapping their va’ginas with a laser, however cosmetic specialist, Dr Sandy Fieldhouse guarantees that the treatment is an effective way to revivify your honeypot.

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Honeypot rejuvenation is a field of cosmetic surgery which treats the honeypot for looseness, dryness and the other effects resulting from age and childbirth. Dr Fieldhouse from Melbourne’s Enrich Clinic said the new Juliet laser treatment targeted problems that many women were too embarrassed to discuss, let alone seek treatment for. According to the cosmetic specialist;

‘It treats very common problems that many women don’t readily talk about.’
‘It broadly treads honeypotl laxity, or looseness, it treats dryness and it can also improve urinary incontinence which comes from weak pelvic muscles.’

imagesThe treatment stripped away dry tissue and tightened up the honeypot in three quick steps, Dr Fieldhouse said.
‘The first setting is ablative. That takes off a very fine layer of tissue inside the honeypot and promotes the growth of fresh, new, healthier tissue. ‘The second setting does tightening. It goes a little bit deeper into the tissue and uses heat to tighten things.  ‘It tightens existing collagen, stimulates new collage and stimulates blood vessel production.
‘The third setting is the external setting. It can be a bit painful in places but is really quick. This achieves a bit of tightening around the external labia.’
honeypotl rejuvenation had a range of benefits, not least improving your sex life,
Dr Fieldhouse said.
‘Intercourse is more comfortable and more enjoyable. Absolutely. ‘And it is most unusual to find a person who doesn’t want to see an improvement in their sex life.’

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The treatment costs about $5,000 and lasts for an hour and can be done with nothing more than the external application of a local anaesthetic cream.
It involves inserting a small laser about the width of a crayon into the honeypot and slowly rotating it.
‘You can’t have s*x for up to five days afterwards,’ Dr Fieldhouse said.
‘But you can literally get up, walk out of the clinic and go back to work.’ The treatment would become more and more popular as women became less embarrassed to discuss it as an option, Dr Fieldhouse said.  ‘A lot of people don’t know about this sort of treatment.
 ‘It’s new and it fills a very big hole in the medical market place. These are problems that are not addressed and not sufficiently talked about.
‘I’m not easily swayed on things. But I have a lot of confidence in this as a treatment.’

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