Woman Batters Husband During Se”x Over His Big Male Organ on Their Honeymoon in South Africa

Mnombo Madyibi

A 32-year-old man, Mnombo Madyibi, has been battered by his wife over the huge size of his manhood in South Africa. Daily Sun SA reports that Mnombo, from Bhongweni Village in Mthatha, South Africa got the horrible side of his wife because his penis was too huge for her to handle.

Madyibi who is called “Anaconda” by his friends, allegedly got his nickname after his fellow soccer players saw the size of his pe”nis in the change rooms before a soccer match.

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His new wife complained that she’s not happy with the size as it’s destroying her va”gina. The local soccer player reportedly got battered on Friday night by his new wife on their honeymoon in Coffee Bay, on the Wild Coast of the Eastern Cape.

“All was well and she enjoyed the foreplay, but all hell broke loose the moment I took off my underwear. My wife said she wanted a 4-5 inside her punani, not an anaconda. When I tried to penetrate her, she bit my ear before squeezing my balls. Before I knew it, she knocked me over with a bottle of wine before attempting to suffocate me with a red and white teddy bear I had bought her as a gift,” claimed Mnombo.

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Mnombo claimed his screams summoned other guests and staff at the B&B where they were staying. “We took different buses back home. I don’t want to lay charges against my new wife. I love her. I think she’s angry because I could only afford a cheaper honeymoon instead of the one she wished for in Zanzibar.”

He said he met his wife at church last year and she told him she wanted to abstain from sex until they were married. “I’ve only heard of penis enlargement and not penis shrinking,” Mnombo lamented.

According to Daily Sun, when she was contacted, his wife said Mnombo was telling lies. “He has a big penis – long like a cucumber and hairy and scary like a bush. I only slapped him on the cheek and never moored him or tried to suffocate him,” she said.

The couple has however agreed to get counseling and said they would not involve the police.

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