Relationship tips: 6 Reasons Why You Should not Rush into Marriage


When a lot of your friends are getting married, yet you and your partner have not even discussed anything about settling down, it could mount a lot of pressure on you; especially the ladies.

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Both of you may passionately be in love, and just feel marriage should be the next thing on the list. Well, before you make that decision and take that step, here are seven (7) pointers you should consider.

1. Consider your priorities in life before settling on marriage.

Along with marriage come a whole lot of responsibilities and concessions, and subjecting yourself to all these negotiations may make you speculate a few years down the life if probably you have missed any opportunities and not built for yourself a life you deserved.

2. Relationships take time to mature

It is extremely vital to note that relationship takes time to grow into maturity. Relationships can’t be rushed to maturity. Give yourselves the ample opportunity you both need to bond in new ways over new things without being married just yet. Don’t force it; take it one step at a time.

3. A marriage is far more than a wedding

Wedding is for a day, few hours perhaps, but marriage is for a lifetime. Sure, you just can’t wait to flaunt that big white dress and be the center of attention and attraction, but you have to come to terms with the fact that after that day of eating, drinking and merriment, the actual journey, which is the real deal, begins. After that one day, the rest of your life with this other person begins under the same roof. How prepared are you?

4. It is expensive

Yeah, it is quite costly. Weddings are expensive, and divorces are far worse. Rushing into marriage means you have less time to save for your wedding and also the marriage. You should reflect on the everyday expenditure and plan before you get settled into marriage.

5. You may scare your partner away

If you’re pressuring your partner to get married before they even think about it, they may just take flight. Being aggressive and rushing into spending the rest of your lives together isn’t going to go down well with them. So if you are in a relationship where your partner is rushing you to the altar when you are even yet to know them well, either slow down or run for the hills. Wisemen say, only fools run in……

6. Marriage is a life time decision

Take all the time you need to really think about it and ask yourselves if you are both physically and emotionally ready to take the plunge, it’s for life.

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