Tanzanian Singer Beaten To Death by Her Police Officer Husband (Photos)


A female Tanzanian artiste, Kijakazi Pazi Shaban, who was once a member of Kidedea music group and known by her stage name Zamzam, died last week after she was cruelly beaten by her husband at her home in Musoma.

After beating her to death, her police officer husband, Hamad Ally took Shaban’s body and requested his boss Ramadhan Ng’anzi for a van to “take his ailing wife to hospital.”

The police boss now says he was oblivious that Hamad had murdered his wife, and only thought he was doing him a favour by offering him the van to rush his ill wife to hospital but instead, moved her corpse to a morgue in Temeke, Dar es Salaam after she succumbed to her injuries.

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Her family said;

“Sad news about Zamzam’s death reached us, and we were informed that she died as a result of stomach ulcers.” “Her husband then said he would bury her in Kilimanjaro area. But as family, we had to know why, and when.

A source told the country’s newspaper Amani;

“Zamzam had in the past sent gory photos of her deformed, wounded face to friends, saying she had been cruelly beaten by her husband – and that if anything would happen to her, then her husband should be held accountable,”

Zamzam’s family asked the husband to allow them see their relative’s body before he could bury her in Kilimanjaro, of which he agreed.

Autopsy performed at a Temeke hospital on Zamzam’s body disclosed that the singer died as a result of injuries following a beating.

Zamzam’s husband, Hamad Ally, was arrested and is being held at Chang’ombe police station as investigations into the case continues….


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