Terrifying: Watch as a Huge Spider Eats Snake in Brazil


In a terrifying video scarcely witnessed a giant tarantula was videoed eating a snake in Serra do Caverá in Brazil.

Scientists were confounded after they discovered the spider twisting its prey into a knot before sinking its fangs into the reptile’s body.

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The two were found under a rock by Brazilian researchers whose surprise was explained by the fact that the tarantula was just a fraction of the snake’s size.

Researcher Leandro Malta Borges said: “Predation of such a large snake in relation to the size of the spider was exceptionally astonishing to us.

There are other records of spiders preying on snakes, such as the famous black widow, which has a strong toxin and, besides, rely on the web for capturing.”

The moment the 40cm long Almaden ground snake was found its front and middle sections were turned into liquid.

Spiders usually digest their food by softening the insides of the animal’s body, before drinking all its juices.

See another photo and watch video after the cut……

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